Permanent Staffing


YasHas Recruitment team of professionals have over a decades of experience in the industry. Our team with deep domain expertise capable of delivering services of the highest quality and offering end-to-end support and delivery

We are specialized in offering service to our clients in identifying the right skill at the right time to fulfill a project or a position. We address the need in all the levels - junior, middle and senior management.


1. Understanding the client Organization with regard to existing business activities, organizational structure, culture and future growth plans.

2. Mapping position specific competencies including job title, deliverables, accountabilities, key result areas and other relevant details.

3. Search target plan: Keeping in mind the orientation, our dedicated team will establish a search strategy to effectively identify desired candidates.

4. Industry / Organization Mapping: Developing a target list of Industries or Organizations and identifying appropriate resources within those companies that match the requirements.

5. People Mapping: Once the Industry/Organization list is identified and agreed upon, we utilize our sources and networks along with our database to develop an initial list of candidates.

6. Evaluation: On ascertaining the mutual interest in specific candidates by organisations; the contact of the candidate, opportunity appraisal and their interest in the position is confirmed by YasHas.

7. Interviews: The interview process of the shortlisted candidate list received from the clients is facilitated by YasHas.

8. Selection and Post Recruitment follow-up is provided by YasHas.

    SPECIALIZATION : We provide specialized services to the following industries.
  • Automobile and Auto Component
  • Aerospace
  • FMCG
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Construction / Real Estate
  • Information Technology
  • Semiconductor / Electronics / Embedded
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Textiles / Garments
  • Oil & Gas / Power / Infrastructure / Energy