Journey of YasHas

Our journey

Overcoming challenges has provided a greater platform for us to grow in spite of market turbulence. We have endeavoured to narrow the difference between demand and supply. Together with an experienced team, we have met with customer expectations with skill and dexterity. Growing through the years has given us a wider perspective of the business and helped us build trust and credibility with our stake - holders.

Our journey entails
  • Building bonds of healthy collaboration between clients and stake-holders.
  • Networking and connecting all the related people.
  • Reflecting on processes and providing continuous improvement to meet expectations.
  • Renewing and upgrading Knowledge, Skills and Technology to help live up to all challenges.
  • Collaborating with top Indian & Multinational companies.
  • Carving out a niche in the field of HR and making our stake-holders look up to us and our expertise.
  • Moving ahead with a firm belief and commitment to deliver and perform.

The values we follow are the Pillars of Trust, Integrity, Commitment, Respect and Competitiveness. These help face competition and has brought us “Good fame - YasHas” and “Triumph” at every stage

Our Success
  • We provide respectable employment to 1000s of Employees with top Indian and MNCs Organisations and generate prosperity for their families.
  • We enhance Professional Support through Strategic Advice and Guidance in HR.
  • Training thousands of people, we grant Clear, Enhanced Perspectives and bring to light Hidden Unknown Areas as Life Coaches and Mentors to Corporates.
  • With a sense of great satisfaction, we see persons overcoming their inadequacies through Training and Development and becoming able contributors to their Companies.
  • We create Satisfied Customers and contribute in ways to add multifold value to Organisations and Corporates.
  • We bring Fame, Credibility and Success to all our Stake-holders.

Many have been a part of this journey. We thank them and appreciate their support.

We continue to walk with great Honour Perseverance and Joy on the Path to Enduring Success and ‘YasHas’..